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Hiperikan Tablet

Brand Name: Hiperikan® Tablet
Active ingredient: Special standardized dry extract of Hypericum perforatum

When is Hiperikan® Tablet prescribed?

Hiperikan® Tablet is prescribed in depressive conditions, psychovegetative disorders, anxiety and / or nervous restlessness, menopausal symptoms of psychological origin.

How should you take Hiperikan® Tablet?

  • In General: Hiperikan® Tablet should be taken two tablets daily at the morning with some liquid (Adults and children aged more than 12 years)
  • In Depressive Conditions: Hiperikan® Tablet should be taken one or two tablets three times daily

Some Drug interactions when use Hiperikan® Tablet:

In individual cases, extracts of Hypericum perforatum may reduce the effect cyclosporine or the anticoagulants of the Coumarin type (e.g. phenprocoumon, warfarin ) In patients treated with a coumarin- type anticoagulant, it is recommended to monitor the prothrombin time ( Quick value) at the beginning at the discontinuation of the treatment with Hypericum perforatum extract.

Special warnings about Hiperikan® Tablet:

In rare cases, Hiperikan® Tablet may cause gastro-intestinal complains and allergic reactions (eg. Redness of skin, swelling and itching). So, in case of known photo hypersensitivity of the skin, you should avoid the exposure to intense sunlight over a longer period of time without skin protection..

Special information if you are pregnant or breastfeeding:

It is better to avoid the intake of Hiperikan® Tablet during the first trimester of pregnancy as well as during lactation although.

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