Research and Development

Marcyrl's Research and Development department plays an important role in the life cycle of a product. 

Our generics R&D capabilities have expanded beyond range of dosage forms (Oral liquid and solid dosage, injectable solutions and suspensions, ophthalmic preparations, creams, gels and ointments) matching with the same effects as the original brand name.

Marcyrl invests in the research and development of new products to guarantee long-term growth of the company.

R&D Laboratory equipped with a full set of small scale of production, testing equipment and facilities which can meet the requirements of developing new products.

R&D goal and its primary functions are:

  • Create, develop difficult and complex new formulation technologies, through focused teams in formulations and analytical development, in a simple and easy way to address society needs and meet high demands of patients.
  • Provide high quality generic drugs through applying the systematic approach of pharmaceutical development of generic product.
  • Resolve & find a new solution, modify and update existing products to preserve a brand's position within the market.
  • R&D also is tasked to ensure that products are manufactured within an appropriate time frame, and that they meet specific quality and cost requirements.
  • R&D methodology and analysis team are responsible for development of validated method of analysis for the raw materials and the finished products.